Happy Tail: Bubba

Bubba was surrendered to SICSA in February of this year, after his owner had passed away. Being 10 years old, we knew Bubba had some health issues, such as hyperthyroidism, which required daily medication. On top of this, Bubba was also on a special diet. Since we don’t cherry pick based on age and health, we welcomed Bubba into the SICSA Pack with open arms…or paws.

Bubba had been moved from one room to the next, so our Animal Care Technicians could monitor his health and weight. He had also been on multiple slumber parties, with each person bringing him back and deciding not to adopt.

The staff at SICSA knew that Bubba needed some love and attention, and decided to let him hang out in the back office for a week or two, to see how he would do without being around other cats. Within the first hour, Bubba made himself at home, sleeping on desks and visiting his friends around the office. We knew that Bubba would thrive in a home where he can do his own thing, on his own terms, but would still require snuggles of course.

Within one day of Bubba’s temporary stay in the back office, the right adopter came in. She was looking for a senior cat and Bubba was the purrfect match. Seven months after being surrendered to us, Bubba was adopted!

His new mom, Lila, named Bubba Dewey. She even brought him in on his fancy new leash to finalize the adoption.

It is stories like Bubbas that truly makes the work that we do every day worth it. Even though Bubba’s stay was longer than most, the staff at SICSA worked diligently to make sure Bubba had everything he needed to thrive, and to ultimately find him his forever home. Thanks to you and your support, we can continue to help more Bubbas in the world.

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