Giving Tuesday: Furry Stories of Hope

#GivingTuesday is a national movement to create a day of charitable giving to kick off the holiday season. We are hoping to raise $10K today during Giving Tuesday! All donations given on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 will be doubled (up to $10,000), thanks to a generous sponsor.

We usually speak for the animals but today on #GivingTuesday, we decided to let the animals speak for us. Here are 3 stories of hope.

Noel & Kittens:

IMG_5789-001I’m a black and white cat, and I’m only about a year old. I was living under a porch in Kettering, and I recently delivered a litter of precious kittens. My kittens cry a lot, and I think that is why someone picked us up and placed us in a small crate with two other cats and 7 other kittens. We had a bumpy car ride and were left in the parking lot of an animal shelter. The person that left us there put a tarp over our crate. It was nighttime, and we were all cold and afraid. I nursed my kittens as best as I could, but it had been a while since I had eaten. The other cats in the crate with me were friendly but scared too.

IMG_5788-001The next morning, someone heard the cries of our kittens in the crate and came to us. It turned out that we were at an animal shelter. We were taken into a warm building and put in a larger crate. The person was kind and gave us warm blankets and plenty of food. She spoke to us with kind words and gently pet us, which I really liked.

We heard people talking about getting us “foster” homes. As luck would have it, a kindhearted woman took me and my kittens to her beautiful home just a short time later. She named me Noel. I have my own bed, food bowls and toys in a comfortable house. I knew my kittens were sick, but now they are receiving medicine and are getting much better. My fleas are gone, and I’m beginning to feel hopeful again.

Princess & Puppies:

princess portraitI am a 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier blend. I used to have a home, but my family didn’t want me anymore because I was expecting a litter of puppies. I had been wandering neighborhoods looking for someone to take me in, but no one came. I was finally picked up by a sheriff and taken to a large animal shelter. I heard them telephone something called SICSA, after they found out I was pregnant. I don’t think I would have lived if they didn’t make that phone call. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and my puppies.

princess nursingNot long after, a kind lady came and scooped me up and put me in her van that had the words “SICSA” on it. I was frightened and unsure, but she spoke softly to me and made me feel better. When I arrived at SICSA I heard everyone say “Ahh, she is precious” and “Isn’t she adorable!” – words I had not heard in a very long time. Another woman, called a foster, took me to her home, and she named me Princess. She had a lovely private room for me. I have lots of toys, a toasty bed, and plenty of food. I don’t itch anymore and my cough is gone. And just a few days later, I delivered 9 healthy puppies in a warm, loving home. I know I’m a bit biased, but they really are the cutest little bundles of joy. I overheard people saying that when my puppies were old enough we would all find loving homes. My puppies and I are loved, and I know we will be taken care of.


Charlie gordonHi, I’m Charlie. I’m 8 years young and am pretty adorable. I’m what they call a Shih Tzu. My owner gave me to a neighbor when he was moving. He didn’t want me anymore. The neighbor only kept me for 2 days. He didn’t want me either.

I know I’m a little older, and there is something wrong with my eye. But I am also very sweet, and I still have so much love to give! I came to SICSA where there are other unwanted cats and dogs. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I didn’t come here. I go for walks 4 times a day, and sometimes I event get to go to parks. I love riding in cars best of all. A doctor here has helped me feel great again. I have my own cozy sweater and delicious food. Whenever anyone sees me they pick me up and give me snuggles, which I just love. Everyone keeps telling me I will have a forever home very soon. I am hopeful.

These are just 3 stories from the 1,500 pets that find sanctuary at SICSA each year. Not only do we help rescue dogs and cats, but we also help humans by providing low-cost spaying and neutering (more than 3,000 annually) to help stop the perpetuation of unwanted litters. All of these pets are available now or will be in a few months.

People rarely get to hear all the stories we experience, but for us at SICSA, this is what we do every single day, year-round – thanks to you. This is where your money goes. We are only here because of generous supporters like you.

So on behalf Noel and and her kittens, Princess and her puppies, Charlie and all the future homeless pets that will come to SICSA, please make a contribution. Your donation will be doubled for #GivingTuesday only. Together we are making a difference. Make your secure donation online at Thank you!

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