From Shelter to Mom’s Shadow: Cinnamon’s Happy Tail


Cinnamon joined us at SICSA in February just before Valentine’s Day. This sweetheart quickly won over the hearts of many staff members. Her unique face made many liken her appearance to that of a stuffed animal. While we expected her to be adopted quickly, unfortunately shortly after her arrival, COVID-19 caused SICSA to shut our doors and led her into foster care with the rest of our animals. Fast forward to May and this adorable little lady was back in Kitty City awaiting her forever home. One month later in June, she found her match with her mom Danielle!

Now the two are inseparable, as Cinnamon has become Danielle’s little shadow. Cinnamon follows her mom everywhere, and even sleeps in her bed. In her one-week follow-up email, Danielle wrote to us to let  us know that Cinnamon had made herself right at home. Danielle wrote, “It’s like she’s lived with us her whole life. She is very comfortable in our home and with us. She sleeps right next to me all night and hangs out with me all day long.” She continued, “She loves being anywhere that I am. She also loves sitting on the window sill when the sun is shining in. Her favorite toy is a stick. We run around the house dragging the stick behind us and she chases it. She could do that all day long.”

We are elated to see Cinnamon and her new mom so happy with one another! We are grateful for adopters like Danielle, and look forward to sharing more Happy Tails like this one with our SICSA supporters!

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