From Rescue Pup to Rockstar: Ellie’s Story

Michelle Misra, SICSA’s Pet Wants and Retail Program Manager, adopted Ellie from SICSA in March of 2016. She was found in a garage with no fur and brought to SICSA by an amazingly kind-hearted woman. Michelle came to SICSA for a foster retraining and had her eye on another dog, but a former co-worker suggested she look at Ellie (previously named Cricket). She told Michelle to sit with her in her kennel for a bit and see how she liked her. She did just that, and Michelle’s heart melted the second Ellie wrapped her big, pumpkin head around her head and hugged Michelle. Michelle and her partner Brandon took her home on a slumber party. The moment she crawled on top of Buddy (Michelle’s other dog) and Brandon while they were sitting on the couch, they knew she was here to stay.
Once she was a little more acclimated, they introduced her to Michelle’s mom’s dog, Tanza, and they became best friends. Michelle’s mom suggested they take Tanza and Ellie to play at a lake up north to see how they liked it. They LOVED it! Ellie sprinted into the water and promptly sank. Luckily, she was on a long leash, and Michelle pulled her to the shore before anything bad happened. She didn’t have her swimming muscles at the time (she was pretty underweight). To be safe, she wore a life jacket for the rest of the day and had a blast.
A couple of months later, the behaviorist that helped Michelle with all of Buddy’s issues opened up a pool just for dogs! At first Ellie refused to get in the water on her own, but once Tanza jumped in, she followed suit. The rest is history! Now she is a dock jumping, and Hydrodash rockstar! She has a personal best in Swimming and Dock Diving have always been something that Michelle and Brandon do for Ellie to have fun. She jumps because she wants to, and sometimes she just refuses because she doesn’t feel like it. Win or lose, Ellie has a huge fan club here at SICSA. We couldn’t be more proud of this adorable alumnus!

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