Foster Care for Our Animals

When the Ohio Department of Health issued their Stay at Home order, we knew it would be better for our animals to be in a home as well.  While we know our center does a great job with disease management, physical and enrichment activities with our animals in our care, we also work diligently to make their lengths of stay at SICSA only as long as necessary.  Without great options to have them adopted because of the order, we knew we needed to get them into foster homes for the time being.

SICSA’s Foster Coordinator, Christina, began prepping everything needed for our animals to stay in a foster home. We have an up-to-date list of those who currently foster for us, but we were also hearing from our community members who were wanting to help us in our time of need.  In order to minimize the amount of people in the building, all fosters would pick up their animal and supplies by appointment. Christina had laid out all the supplies, including food, litter boxes, toys, and medication for those that require it. Then, one by one, each foster came in to pick up their animals.  With in 72 hours, every animal in the building – almost 80 – was in a foster placement.

Those who foster for SICSA are able to connect with one another by joining a closed Facebook group. This is also one way they can connect with Christina (she also has a phone dedicated to fosters). We plan to share some updates from our fosters and how the animals are enjoying life outside of the shelter in the coming weeks.

Without our fosters, we would not be able to continue to provide the care the animals need during this trying time.

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