Forgotten Yorkie Rescued by SICSA

by Deborah Durbin, Marketing Coordinator

She was forgotten. Her elderly owner went into a nursing home and a little Yorkshire Terrier mix was left alone to fend for herself for over a month. There were 12 dogs in the rural home all together, and none of them were spayed or neutered. SICSA was able to rescue 6 of the dogs: Winnie and her 5 puppies. A family member of the owner gave the other dogs to friends, neighbors and another rescue group.

Winnie’s physical condition was alarming. Her nails were so long that she could barely walk. She was covered in feces and urine. And her coat was matted together. It seemed she had been neglected for quite some time. Her transformation was recorded on video. She and her pups are doing well and will be available for adoption soon. You won’t believe how she looks today!

If you would like to help Winnie and her puppies, you may donate an item from our wish list or make an online contribution.


  1. Joanna Kilburn

    Would live to adopt one if winnies puppies, we have a 4 year old toy yorkie and have been looking for another for him to play with

  2. Jessy Shaw

    Such a touching story! Yorkie dogs are one of my favorite types of dogs and it is great to see that this dog was able to be rescued and recover from such a traumatic experience. My husband and I have been wanting a dog for a long time and luckily there are Yorkie breeders in our hometown! I think I might be giving them a call! Thanks for sharing such a touching story!

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