Fire Kittens Update

MedVet, a community partner, called us asking if we could help two kittens who were badly injured in a vacant house fire. We, of course, said yes! The kittens needed oxygen, treatment for a broken bone, blood work, and IV’s before they could be taken into foster care at SICSA. Their foster named them Calcifer and Soot Sprite. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, Soot Sprite succumbed to his injuries a few weeks ago. We were by his side until the end providing him comfort and love to ensure the quality of his life. With Soot Sprite’s passing, Calcifer was our lone survivor.

Calcifer, despite his rough start, has been thriving in foster care. His foster says that “Calcifer is a little wild man! He is full of energy, desperately wants to play with my dogs and cats, is best friends with everyone he meets, and is fearless. He wants to play all the time but loves to snuggle when he’s

sleepy. His favorite toys are anything that makes a crinkly sound and mini tennis balls.”

Calcifer is alive today because he is a fighter and because SICSA supporters like you are ready to say “Yes, we can help.”

To donate towards our Guardian Angel fund to help animals like Calcifer and Soot Sprite, please click here.

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