February Happy Tail-Powderpuff

If you’ve been to SICSA in the last 4 months, you’ve probably seen or heard people talking about Powderpuff, a beautiful white cat with striking blue eyes that weighs in at a delicate 19 lbs. Powderpuff was surrendered to SICSA in October 2018 after her owner’s grandson came to live with him, and found out he was allergic.

Powderpuff gained instant fame not only due to her size and beauty, but because of her diva-like personality. We began to call her Princess Powderpuff, and she truly lived up to the name! Powderpuff was not fond of other cats, and demanded that we always greeted her first when going in her room. People seemed interested in Powderpuff, but there were no potential adopters. At the beginning of February, our staff decided to house Powderpuff in the back office, where there were no other cats, just people to love on her. She immediately took to her new surroundings, and was a changed cat after only two days. At the end of the second day, someone came in and wanted to take her on a slumber party, a trial period to see how Powderpuff would do in their home. This trial was set to end in a week, and we were all hopeful that Powderpuff was going to be adopted. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened! Powderpuff is now living the life of a Princess in her new, forever home. A special thank you to writer, Amelia Robinson, who wrote an article on Powderpuff in December, leading to 80 shares on Facebook alone! Look for Powderpuff’s debut as a cover model on SICSA’s 2019 Annual Report due later this month. If you are not already on our mailing list, be sure to contact us to be added at

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