Employee Spotlight – Paula Dalton

If you have been to SICSA Pet Adoption Center or called us on a weekday, chances are you’ve talked to Paula Dalton. Paula has been our Customer Service/Front Desk Representative for over 7 years! She began her SICSA adventure as some of our staff do: as a volunteer. Six months after she started to volunteer, a position at our front desk opened up. She updated her resume, sent it in with a good word from other employees, and got the job! Working at SICSA has been her semi-retirement job since 2011.

Her favorite part of working at SICSA are the success stories and being able to help people with problems regarding their own pets. She told us about a SICSA animal that made an impact in her life:

I do remember hearing about a 15-year-old little dog we had for adoption. I took one look at his face and got teary eyed. I was worried he wouldn’t get adopted, but he found a forever home right away. That was wonderful!

We all have those animals that just bring us to tears. That’s just part of working in animal welfare!

The most treasured animal she’s met while working at SICSA is her own little Lola! She came into SICSA so scared that she couldn’t even be on the adoption floor. Paula took her home so she could relax and never brought her back. She tells us that Lola is just wonderful – and not nervous at home at all!

Thank you, Paula, for all of your hard work, dedication and being such a strong pillar in our Adoption department.

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