Paw Packs

Paw Packs

SICSA educators will visit your classroom or library with adoptable pets for a special presentation and deliver a Paw Pack of humane education materials for your classroom to keep. SICSA’s Humane Education Department focuses on respect, responsibility & empathy for all animals in a way that allows our dogs and cats to be a catalyst to building a strong foundation for people to learn more about becoming animal advocates. From this foundation, our team strives to help children to extrapolate key humane education concepts from their SICSA experiences and apply that information to not only their own self-esteem but also the way that they see and interact with others in their community in order to develop their whole person, social & emotional development.

What is included?

A humane education lesson with coordinating activities; interactions with an adoptable animal; an age-appropriate book with a humane message for your classroom or library; a Paw Pack booklist for further reading; and other SICSA goodies.

Common Topics Presented:

  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Dog Bite Prevention
  • Animal-Related Careers
  • Responsible Pet Guardianship
  • Positive Training Techniques
  • Pet Overpopulation

Common Ohio Benchmark Strands:

  • Early Learning  Initiative, Engagement & Persistence, Self & Relationship Strands
  • Social Study Themes: History, Geography, Government, & Economic Strands
  • English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening & Language Strands
  • Whole Person, Social & Emotional Standards (ODE, draft standards TBD)

Fees & Scheduling

Paw Packs are $100 per visit. Fees cover the cost of all supplies, transportation, and educator time. To schedule a Paw Pack, please contact our Nationally Certified Humane Educator at 937-294-6505 ext. 24 or fill out the contact form below.

Paw Pack Request Form

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