December Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn Burns

By: Jennie Baxla, Volunteer Coordinator

Lynn Burns has been volunteering at SICSA since 1983 and, since then, has proven to be a valuable member of the volunteer team time and time again. She has been involved in many areas of SICSA over the years, but currently serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, chairperson of the Finance Committee, and she is a member of the Volunteer Recognition Committee. She is also active with Friends of SICSA and volunteers at events like Lift Your Leg.

Says Executive Director, Nora Vondrell, “Lynn is always willing to lend a hand to help, even during tax season! Being a CPA, tax season is a crazy time of year for Lynn. Despite that, she always makes time for one of her loves, SICSA. Her leadership on the Board of Directors has been a vital part of SICSA’s success.”

Lynn began volunteering because she’d always had family pets, and knew how many animals were in need of assistance. She continues to volunteer because she believes that SICSA serves an essential need, particularly with helping animals find forever homes and assisting with spay/neuter efforts in the community. Lynn also loves that she gets the opportunity to volunteer with people who love animals. She has many fond memories from over the years, and greatly values the friendships that she’s made with people who love animals as much as she does. She further explains, “Volunteering at SICSA has allowed me many opportunities to help animals find compassionate, caring, and loving homes.”

Lynn has so many fond memories of SICSA that she has a hard time picking a favorite, but one special animal really sticks out in her mind. Many years ago, she fostered a deaf, white cat named Frosty. Though he was happy at Lynn’s house (likely due to the exceptional, loving care Lynn shows to all animals), he was not warming up much to Lynn. Her parents, however, came to visit one weekend and Frosty was very interested in her father, who Lynn explains was a large man. Every time her father sat down, Frosty was on his lap or rubbing against him. Her parents already had several cats and didn’t feel they could adopt another, but luckily for Frosty, the next weekend, a large man came to SICSA to adopt a cat. Frosty was immediately attracted to this man, perhaps because he was reminded of the kind man he’d met the weekend before. Frosty went to his forever home that day. Thanks to Lynn, and her family, Frosty found the right person for his future.

Lynn has had such an impact on SICSA, as well as the countless animals and volunteers she’s encountered along the way, that we can never truly express the depth of our gratitude. We thank her for her years of dedicated service and the care she has shown to so many and look forward to working with her for many years to come. Thank you, Lynn, from everyone at SICSA!

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