Critter Contractors

Who are the Critter Contractors?

Critter Contractors are cats who are not suitable or happy to be traditional pet cats. Sometimes cats like this end up in the shelter because they have nowhere else to go safely. In these cases, sometimes we must consider non-traditional adoption placement. Not every cat is happy living inside a home but that doesn’t make them less deserving of a quality life! Community cats, ferals, and other special kitties may be better suited to live outside and have a job—that’s where you come in! Hire a critter contractor to take care of your rodent problem and you’ll also be saving a life!

Got mice?

Perfect! The Critter Contractors are here to help! In exchange for giving them a safe place to live, these cats will provide you some top-notch, non-toxic pest control. All cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and given flea prevention.

Interested in hiring a critter contractor? Check out our FAQ for more information and complete the questionnaire to get started!


How much does it cost to hire a critter contractor?
There is no hiring/adoption fee. You will simply be responsible for ongoing care – food, water, shelter, and veterinary care as necessary.

What should I expect when I bring the cats home?
For the first 2-4 weeks, the cat(s) should be kept in an acclimation crate while they adjust to their new surroundings. During this time, you will feed/water and clean the litter box daily to help establish a routine. After the 2-4 weeks is over, you may release the cats and continue the feeding routine from there.

Are they spayed/neutered and vaccinated?
Yes! All critter contractors are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and treated for worms/fleas before being hired out. You will be responsible for keeping future vaccinations up to date.

What do the cats require?
The cats require a safe, permanent shelter like a barn, shed, stable, garage, etc. Daily food and water and appropriate medical care must be provided.

Ready to hire?
Complete the questionnaire below!
Please only complete this form if you are looking to adopt a critter contractor. If you have a community cat or a barn cat who needs assistance, please call our Help Center at ext. 49. For more information about the Critter Contractor adoption program, you can call 937.294.6505 ext. 38 or email