Community Cat Seminars


SICSA has recently educated members of our community on the issue of Community Cats during two seminars. Nora Vondrell, President and CEO, stated that “In 2018, cat intake at SICSA was 17% higher than 2017, but so far in 2019, cat intake is 16% higher than 2018.”

We have had the opportunity to educate more than 30 members of our community on the issue of Community Cats, and here’s what they had to say:

“Whether I am at a council meeting or standing in line at the Post Office, the Community Cat issue is coming up more and more in my town. But instead of just talking about the problem cats and being part of the problem, I want to be part of the solution by taking responsibility and stepping up to do what I can to help educate my community on TNR  and help lower the cat euthanasia rate in Montgomery County.” -Kathleen Allen

“I attended this seminar and it was so informative. My plan is to continue with any other Community Cat/TNR sessions SICSA offers. Thank you for offering these sessions; it IS up to each community to help its ‘ownerless’ felines.” -Michele Progner

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