The Clean Cuddle Campaign – Help Us Purchase a New Washing Machine

By: Megan Moon, Community Engagement Manager

SICSA cares for more than 1,600 homeless pets at our adoption center each year. At any time, our facility holds up to 40 dogs and 90 cats. As you can imagine, this means thousands of bowls of food, water, supplies, and definitely a ton of laundry.

We wash about 12 loads of laundry per day. That’s 4,380 loads annually. Our commercial washing machine is running 9 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. SICSA needs fresh laundered material for the adoptable animals in our care. We also need to provide clean, sanitized towels for the thousands of animals who visit our spay/neuter clinic every year. In addition, our foster care providers borrow clean bedding while they care for kittens, puppies, and special needs animals in their homes. We rely on our washing machine to keep the animals’ bedding, blankets, towels, and toys clean and fresh, which is essential in a shelter environment.

Beyond just providing clean laundry, the beds and blankets provide a warm, home-like environment for our adoptable animals. They find comfort and safety in their SICSA kennels, which makes these homeless pets happier and ultimately more adoptable.

Currently, SICSA’s washing machine is on the brink of failure. There is an irreparable crack in the drum that will result in the machine becoming unusable very soon. SICSA needs the help of our community to replace our current washing machine with a new, industrial strength one that can withstand our daily use to keep our animals healthy and comfortable.

Please donate now to help SICSA continue to care for thousands of homeless pets in need, right here in our own community. Thank you for your support!


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