Centerville Community Cats Update


Similar to the Kettering Community Cat Program, the City of Centerville will soon be launching a new TNR initiative with SICSA’s help. For residents in the City of Centerville, they can soon trap a community cat, contact a Community Cat Captain to receive a code, and schedule them for a FREE TNR appointment through SICSA’s veterinary clinic.

If this program goes as well as Kettering’s has been going, SICSA will see a major increase in the number of spay and neuter surgeries, all while helping the community cat population.

Since the beginning of kitten season, appointments for TNR and public owned pets spay and neuter has seen a big increase. Just when you think kitten season is slowing down, it’s not.

With the mild weather we’ve been experiencing, and cold weather coming, kitten season has slowed down slightly, but we are still receiving calls on a daily basis. During this time of year, people start to grow concerned about the cats living outside when it’s cold and snowing.

If you would like to get involved with SICSA’s TNR programs or our Help Center, please contact us at 937-294-6505.

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