Caring for Kittens

Kittens get their best start in life when their mom provides care, but sometimes another caregiver has to substitute for mom. During kitten season, shelters may not have enough fosters to care for all of the kittens who need help. When that happens, finders of kittens can help by becoming foster caregivers.

How do you care for kittens? The first step is to determine the current health and approximate age of the kittens. This will help you know what they need to be fed, how frequently they need to be fed, and what other supportive care might be required. There are some quick online guides to help you figure out the age of your kittens and their needs:

· How to Assess Orphaned Kittens

· Ages & Needs of Kittens:

o Alley Cat Allies – How Old Is That Kitten Guide

o Maddie’s Fund – Physical and Behavioral Development of Kittens

o Best Friends – Bottle Feeding Kittens

· How to stimulate a kitten to urinate and defecate

· Bathing Kittens

· Socializing Kittens

o Maddie’s Fund – Helpful Tips to Socialize Kittens

o Maddie’s Fund – Socializing Unsocial Kittens

SICSA also offers support with kitten caregiving through phone coaching, in-person coaching, kitten supply kits, and education. If you need additional support, contact us at 937-294-6505.