How your donations will be used

Did you know that disease management in animal veterinary care and housing rivals human hospitals in terms of the protocols and procedures needed? Or that animal housing best practices has evolved over the years in terms of the required sizing and equipment needed for optimal care? At SICSA, we know both of these very well. For years, we have been working with our current facility to try and fit this square peg into a round hole. While light years ahead of our modest beginnings, the current facility use to be a strip mall. From a systems perspective (plumbing, HVAC, and even electrical), it wasn’t designed to care for animals, let alone deal with the increase we have seen in the numbers served over the last decade. Your donations will be used for our new facility which will be designed and built to provide the quantity and quality of care for the animals we see every day.

Ways to Donate

If a picture is worth 1000 words, help us tell the story of a lifetime.

Sponsor a kennel and help make an animal’s stay as comfortable as possible.

See a list of what’s available for other naming opportunities.

Make a donation or a future pledge to help us complete the TransFURmation.