Camper Story: Reese

Reese Nelson has attended nearly every camp we offer each year since 2014. In that time she has been a kind camper, and an avid learner of why and how to advocate for animals. She shares SICSA’s mission with her family and friends, and each year collects donations through a cupcake stand, or using her birthday and holiday gifts to save lives and share love. This past summer she graduated our camp program and became a VolunTeen, offering care, enrichment and love to our adoptable pets, and helping to promote our camp programs. She is an example of one of 7,000 compassionate young people who come through our programs annually, absorbing and sharing our message of empathy, respect and responsibility.


Reese says, “SICSA camps help us kids learn how to be animal advocates; and that animals are just as important as humans. But the best part of camp for me is that we actually get to play with the SICSA pets!”

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