Bottle Baby to Birthday Boy: Arvey’s Happy Tail

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand with eyes still closed, a kitten was orphaned. Left to his own devices, he laid desperate in an RV repair shop. His chances of survival were slim, as he was still in need of the milk and warmth usually provided by a mother, and had access to neither. Thankfully, he was found, and eventually brought into the care of SICSA. Here he was assessed and sent to a loving foster. Sue, his foster mother, gave him the intense care many “bottle babies” need. He was bottle fed kitten formula until he was old enough to eat on his own, kept warm with blankets, brought in for check ups, and socialized in his home.

From Sue, he was fostered by his finder, Renee Merland, a SICSA foster volunteer. She named him Arvey, pronounced “RV”, for the spot in which he was found. With Renee, he continued to be socialized, loved, and cared for. Once he grew old enough, he was brought into SICSA to be neutered. As fate would have it, he

found his home with the woman who found him.

Renee officially adopted the Arvey on August 23, 2019, just two months shy of the date on which she brought him to SICSA. One year after Arvey’s assumed birthday, Renee reached out to update Arvey’s former foster mom on his progress. He is now happy and healthy in his forever home. In a letter from Arvey to his former foster mom Sue, his mom wrote for him:

Dear Foster Mom Sue,

Guess what??!! I’m a year old today and I’m as big and strong as ever! I’m living my best cat life and I just want to thank you for all you did to give me this awesome life! My humans have so much fun with me and call me the best cat ever! I don’t want to brag or anything, but I totally am the best cat ever!

Keep being Awesome, Foster mom Sue! I’ll never forget what you did for me!

Your one year old birthday boy,

Arvey ?

We cannot express enough our gratitude for Arvey’s mom and finder, Renee, and his foster mom, Sue. These incredible women and their dedication to animals made the difference between life and death for the once palm-sized kitten. At a year old, Arvey is handsome and playful as ever. His is a success story that we are elated to write. Without our incredible fosters, bottle babies and other orphaned kittens would not have the same chance they now do. At SICSA, we are grateful to be able to provide our fosters with vital resources to raise kittens from such fragile infants, to thriving adult cats. If you would like to help create more success stories like that of Arvey, please consider donating to our foster program through fundraisers like this, or becoming a foster yourself here. Your donations allow us to provide fosters with materials such as bottles and kitten formula. These items are vital in their ability to survive in their earliest stages. You can also join us for our Virtual Kitten Shower from July 19th to July 25th on Facebook. We look forward to this event, and, with your help, the many success stories we can share in the future!

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