Boston Stoker and SICSA: A Blend Made in Heaven

Something special has been brewing between Boston Stoker and SICSA. After a month under wraps, we are ecstatic to finally share our delicious secret with all of you! Without any further anticipation, we introduce to you: The SICSA Blend! This sweet smelling roast will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as the pups and kittens each bag supports. Whether purchasing here at SICSA, or offsite at one of Boston Stoker’s own locations, you can rest assured that your coffee is supporting the SICSA mission. With 50% of every bag purchased at SICSA, and $1.00 of every bag purchased at Boston Stoker, directly supporting SICSA, we are grateful to partner with such an incredible company.

Tasting the blend is as simple as stopping by SICSA’s new Washington Township location! Here, through the generosity of Boston Stoker, we are able to provide complimentary cups of the SICSA blend in both Kitty City’s Cat Cafe and Pup Town’s K9 Cafe. Both caffeinated and decaffeinated options are available at our self-serve stations. If you love the blend as much as we do, you can pick up a bag in the Gift Shop of the Adoptions Lobby.

We are so excited to finally share this partnership with all of you. So stop by, grab a cup, and meet your new fur-ever friend!

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