Boredom Busters with Pet Wants Dayton

At SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center, we are no strangers to enrichment activities and the need to keep pups busy in ways other than strictly human interaction. Thankfully, we have a number of what we call “boredom busters”, or enrichment activities that keep our dogs’ minds occupied while they’re hanging out in their kennels. These are also great for pets who need something to occupy their time while you’re away from home, or trying to get some work done around the house. For many of our boredom busters, we incorporate Pet Wants Dayton food and treats. Pet Wants Dayton is a small, local pet brand that offers both dog and cat foods, treats, and “Spaw Products”. Every purchase directly benefits the animals of SICSA, and we want our supporters to know that we trust this brand to be given to the animals in our care. Check out some of the Pet Wants boredom busters we recommend for your pets!

The first Pet Wants boredom buster is an easy one! Simply take your favorite Pet Wants food recipe, scoop the proper portion size for your pets’ meal, and distribute the serving between several cups in a muffin tin. This acts as a slow-feeding, food puzzle for your dog! This inexpensive and easy option for meal time adds a bit of extra stimulation for your pup’s brain, while also offering a solution to fast eating habits. This can aid with digestion, and turn breakfast or dinner into a fun game for your furry friend. SICSA Director of Adoption and Placement Services, Jessie Sullivan, does this for her own pup, Newman!

The second Pet Wants boredom buster is really cool! You’ll need an ice cube tray, your pet’s favorite pet-safe fruits (like seedless watermelon), pet-safe peanut butter, and some Pet Wants Beef Jerky. Place a layer of peanut butter in each cube of the ice tray. Then, cut the fruit into chunks, and blend until it has a smoothie-like texture. Once blended, pour into the ice cube molds. Next, add a piece of jerky to the fruit smoothie in the tray. Leave part of the jerky exposed so it can be seen once frozen, or hit it inside as a fun surprise! Leave the tray in the freezer until the fruit layer is completely frozen. Now you have a pup-sicle! Give this treat to your dog on a hot day and let them lick away at their new summer favorite!

The third boredom buster is as simple as it is adorable! Pick up a vegetable based Veg-Hog, and fill the inside first with some of your pup’s favorite Pet Wants food recipe, then add a piece of Pet Wants Beef Jerky, or two. Finally, seal it all up with some peanut butter! These all-natural, digestible chews are perfect for keeping your pup occupied. They’ll enjoy every second they spend trying to get their treats out of the chew, and you’ll enjoy the peace and downtime. The best part is that the chew itself is a yummy, lasting treat they can have, even after they’ve licked the inside clean!

Our last Pet Wants boredom buster only has two components! Take a clean toilet paper roll (sans toilet paper, unless you’re trying to make fake snow!) and poke holes, a tiny bit bigger than their kibbles, spaced throughout the roll. Fold one side of the roll over so that the end is closed. Fill the roll with your dog’s favorite Pet Wants food  recipe and close the other end. Now you have a  small food puzzle for your pup! As they roll the diy toy around, bits of food will fall out, rewarding them for their playtime. This is a fun, and easy way to stimulate your pup’s mind while repurposing something you would normally toss out!

You can find any of the Pet Wants items we mentioned online through the Pet Wants Dayton online store, through our online SICSA retail shop, or at 2nd Street Market in Dayton on Saturdays. We hope these Pet Wants boredom busters keep you and your pet occupied all summer long!

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