Benchmarks: Surrenders, Rescue Transfers and Help Desk

The SICSA Board of Directors meet monthly to ensure that SICSA is meeting the needs of our community and that we are living up to our mission of promoting the adoption and welfare of pets, while nurturing the lifelong relationship between animals and people. To do this each month the Board Agenda includes a discussion of SICSA Benchmarks.  These SICSA wide benchmarks help us to stay focused on our goals, assess what is working, as well as what needs attention throughout the year.

This month we are highlighting the first 3 Benchmarks that we look at:

  • Help Desk Successful Contacts & Intake Diversion
  • Owner Surrenders
  • Rescue Transfers

“The newest [trend] in Animal Welfare is what is called Intake Diversion,” states President & CEO Nora Vondrell in our 2019 Annual Report. Intake Diversion at SICSA has existed for a long time.  We do everything we can to help prevent animals from coming into our care. If we are able to help support an owner or provide them some advice and guidance which helps them to keep their pet, then we have helped to successfully keep another animal in the Greater Miami Valley from becoming homeless. That is a win that our supporters directly impact.

Recently we have expanded the resources available to our Intake Diversion Team. This is a Help Desk that has opened up this year and with the help of volunteers we plan to expand. The fact is that sometimes the owner just needs a little support and direction. If we can get to the root of the problem, we may be able to provide the support needed to save the family from separation. Click here to learn more about the Volunteer Help Desk Specialist Roles.

When intake diversion is unable to help our neighbors in need, SICSA has an Owner Surrender program. This is a service that we provide to our community to help ensure the best care available to those animals that are in need. Teetering on homelessness, these pets situations are as varied as the issues that our community faces. Since our inception in 1974, SICSA has been a welcome alternative to the traditional animal welfare system when a family is facing an unplanned move, loss of job or other life changing series of events where it is impossible for the pet to remain with the family. Our community neighbors know they can turn to SICSA to help them rehome their beloved pet.

Annually, SICSA partners with other rescue facilities from across Southwest Ohio to transfer animals into SICSA’s care. These partners may have limited resources, be experiencing overcrowded conditions or be open admission shelters and by working with SICSA we are all able to work together to help keep our communities’ euthanasia rates down.

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