Pet Behavior Assistance

Pet Behavior and Training

Dog Training Classes

Local dog training classes are available through Pups Grow Up , Successful Start Pet Training and Enrichment, and Train Your PupFor more specific behavior issues, behavior modification is available through Halo K9 Behavior and Train Your Pup.

Training Resources

  1. ASPCA – Training Your Dog
  2. ASPCA – Training Your Cat
  3. HSUS – Dog Care & Behavior Tips
  4. HSUS – Cat Care & Behavior Tips
  5. Best Friends Animal Society 
  6. Jackson Galaxy Cat Tips 
  7. Dr. Patricia McConnell 

The inclusion of a service, organization or program in this listing is not an endorsement or recommendation.  We are not able to guarantee the quality of these services and advise you to check them yourself before using a specific service. 

For additional behavior and training support, please visit our Post Adoption Support Page