Be A Guardian Angel Today!

Four-year-old Midnight came to SICSA suffering from intense pain. Dr. Roth, our veterinarian, quickly determined that Midnight had such severe allergies, that he had developed a serious medical condition known as stenotic ear canals. This meant that Midnight’s ears had become inflamed and thickened so much, that it was blocking normal air and fluid flow in and out of his canals. This painful blockage caused Midnight’s ears to fill with bacteria, fungus, yeast, and tissue build up that had spread to his middle ear causing, not just an inner ear infection, but had also totally collapsed his ear canals and ruptured his tender ear drums. This was causing Midnight incredible, unbearable pain in his young life. 

The first surgery to repair his right ear took place in July at MedVet, costing $5,024. The surgeon said that “Midnight’s ears (were) the worst” he had ever seen. Midnight’s recovery hasn’t been an easy one. Midnight suffered partial facial paralysis and vertigo due to the nerves near his canal and the regulatory properties of his ears. But with the diligent care of our medical staff, the loving care of his foster, and generous Guardian Angels watching over him; Midnight’s medical concerns are being resolved, and his happily ever after is just a few “pages” away.

The fact is that without the support of our SICSA Pack and our Guardian Angels like YOU, Midnight may not have ever gotten this second chance. We know that together, we can help more animals, and that your gift today has the power to ensure that every Guardian Angel story has a chance at a Happy Tail ending just like our Midnight.

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