April Showers Bring May Meowers

As kitten season approaches, SICSA is preparing to help the City of Kettering with stray cats. The Community Cat Trap/Neuter Return Policy now allows the city to move forward with a partnership with the Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals (SICSA) to work with stray cats.

Nora Vondrell, President and CEO of SICSA, said that when the city receives a report of a stray cat, the community services officer locates and traps the cat. SICSA then will spay or neuter the cat, and if it’s healthy and friendly, will place the cat up for adoption. If SICSA doesn’t have room for stray cats, the cat will have an ear clipped as a form of identification that they’ve been spayed or neutered and will be released where it was trapped. If the cat’s owner can be identified, then it will be returned to its owner.

Watch & Wait Approach

Since kitten season is approaching and we will be taking in more cats than usual, we want to remind everyone of our Watch and Wait approach.

If you come across a litter of kittens who appear to be unattended, we have a few recommendations:

  1. First, please leave them undisturbed and refrain from touching them. It’s important to allow the mother cat to return and care for her offspring. Stay far enough away from the litter that you can observe them but not frighten the mother cat from returning to her kittens.
    2. We recommend the “Wait and Watch” approach: leave the kittens undisturbed for a few hours (if they are 0-4 weeks old) or overnight (if the kittens are older) to see if the mother returns.
    3. If the mother doesn’t come back, you can safely remove the kittens.
    4. If the mother returns, then wait until the litter is weaned (at least 6 weeks old) before you remove them.
    5. If the mother cat and kittens are friendly and you want to take them home, please call us at 937-294-6505 for helpful tips before removing them.
    6. Placing fresh water and cat food nearby can help the mother cat while she is nursing, but not too close to their location – it may attract other stray cats to the area.
    7. If the mother cat or her kittens demonstrate signs of distress or illness, a veterinarian should be consulted.

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