April 2016 Volunteer Spotlight: Heather A.

Heather Adaway is a dedicated Paw Partners Active and dog kennel volunteer here at SICSA. Though she’s only been volunteering for a year, staff already depend greatly on her help with the regular dog walks, as well as with SICSA’s new Behavior Modification enrichment program.


Heather with Bruiser

Heather came to SICSA for a sad reason, but being here has ultimately had a positive impact on her life. Says Heather, “We had lost our two dogs the year prior. They were 13- and 15-years-old and both had been rescues.” Losing the dogs in the same year felt like they had lost family members in quick succession. Because both of their rescue dogs had been such a big part of their lives for 11 years, Heather wanted to support an organization whose mission it was to find loving homes for these wonderful animals. She thought she might even find a new family member in the process!

In fact, Heather’s best memories of her volunteer time at SICSA include the days they added not one, but TWO new family members. They adopted Dax and, before him, Buddy, who had been at SICSA two times before Heather took him home. We love that Heather helps all of the dogs here at SICSA by spending time with them and helping SICSA enrich their lives, but she has also given a second chance to two dogs by giving them forever homes.

Heather continues to volunteer because she truly believes in SICSA’s mission and loves working with the animals, volunteers, staff, and public. She likes that she’s able to give back, as a thank you, to SICSA for rescuing the two dogs they were able to add to their family.

Heather loves working with the dogs, trying to make their stay enjoyable, and watching the joy and excitement when an animal goes home with their new family. One particular dog sticks out in her mind, as she has a special place in her heart for scared or skittish dogs that come to SICSA.

Olive was scared of most people and new situations, so adjusting to SICSA was difficult

Buddy - Heather Adaway

Dax: Adopted by Heather

for her. She loved to play fetch, and Heather noticed she really came out of her shell while playing. After one of the walks, Heather would play with Olive until SICSA opened, hoping to improve her confidence. She says that, “One morning, we played fetch so much, the squeaker in a brand new ball quit working!” Thanks to Heather’s creative efforts with Olive, and with lots of love from staff and other volunteers, Olive became more comfortable with new people. She was eventually adopted by a great family with a huge yard and pond, and two other dogs.

We appreciate Heather’s efforts with all of the dogs here at SICSA. She is helping to ensure that, not only are we offering shelter to SICSA animals, but we are enriching their lives while they are here. Thank you, Heather, for everything you do for SICSA’s animals – including adopting them!

Interested in learning more about SICSA’s volunteer opportunities with dogs? Please visit for more information.

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