All Member’s Meeting Recap

If you missed the 2020 All Member’s Meeting, we’re here to provide you a recap.

Nora Vondrell, President and CEO at SICSA, spoke about SICSA’s vision for 2020 and beyond, while recapping 2019’s outcomes.  SICSA continues to experience growth in many of our programs, including a record number of adoptions and placements; the launch of our Help Center aimed at keeping pets in their home; and continuing our efforts to prevent homeless animals through public spay and neuter and humane education.

Here are some stats that Nora spoke about:

2019 Outcomes:

-59,548 days of housing

-2,039 adoptions and placement

-4,628 humane education participants

-3,581 public spay/neuter surgeries, plus an additional 1,147 for those awaiting adoption (total of 4,728 spay/neuter surgeries)

Our Public Spay and Neuter Services has had an overall 86% increase from 2010 to 2019. This, in part, is due to our Community Cat Programs in both Kettering and Centerville.

Nora also spoke about Capacity for Care. Capacity for Care means that we are meeting the needs of every animal that comes into our shelter, regardless of how they got there, age, health and personality. Achieving capacity for care involves creating a humane space, and implementing programs that allow us to function at a level where every animal has the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. This includes acknowledging that a shelter setting is not the best long-term place for animals to thrive, so doing all we can to limit their amount of time at SICSA is the best way to support their ability to express their normal behavior.

To learn more about Nora’s vision for SICSA and the years to come, and to view her entire presentation, please click here.

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