Adopt Your Part of SICSA Today to Help Us Build Tomorrow!


The future is getting closer every day thanks to community members like you. Just like SICSA’s founding volunteers in 1974 who saw a need in our community and decided to step up and make a difference, today’s SICSA Advocates are leading us to the next level as a leader in animal welfare in the Greater Miami Valley.

We are so excited to be able to show you the progress on our new building. Take a look at our video and tour the welcome center, cat café, k9 cafe, kitty city and pup town, our Humane Education area and our new Veterinary Wellness Clinic with Nora Vondrell our President & CEO. This new building, the size and the resources will all help our SICSA Pack to save more lives, build more families and increase our impact on the future of animal welfare and our community.

In the video, you will see signs in the background that say adopted. These are architectural naming opportunities in which SICSA Advocates have stepped up to take personal responsibility and make a difference for homeless pets in our community today and help to set the standards of excellence in animal welfare moving forward. There are

still 3 months left and plenty of time to get involved.

Enjoy the Hard Hat Tour with Nora by clicking here:

To be contacted directly about adopting your part of SICSA’s future email


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