A Small Pup With a Big Job: Meet Maggie!

With her playful personality and sweet smile, Maggie quickly caught the attention of staff, volunteers, and guests of SICSA. She was just a puppy when she entered our adoption program, but our Animal Care Manager, Maria Ochs, knew there was something special about her. In no time at all, Maria was ready to welcome Maggie into her family, and even put her to work.

With Maria’s training, Maggie has joined the SICSA Pack as a “ruff-aree” of sorts. With her lack of reactivity or agression, Maggie makes the perfect “control” dog for playgroups. This means that, with Animal Care Team supervision, Maggie can interact with dogs still waiting to be adopted, and help staff to better understand their behavior. When she isn’t busy at work playing in the yard with her SICSA friends, Maggie hangs out in her mom’s office, or takes walks around the building.

So, if you’re visiting SICSA and you spot Maggie, be sure to say hi to our newest (and arguably cutest) staff member. She’ll most likely respond with tail wags or kisses!

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