A Good Boy in Training: Meet Jackson

In August, SICSA welcomed a gentle giant with a silly spirit named Jackson. This long-tongued, wide-eyed boy has been making friends from the moment he stepped through the door. Between his adorable face, and his playful personality, it’s easy to see why! While he is incredibly friendly, sometimes Jackson forgets how big he is, making his occasional playful jumping and rough manners a bit of a problem. Thankfully, his best friends have stepped up to help him.

When Jackson isn’t in a play group with his other pup friends, he can often be found working on his training with our Animal Care Manager Chris Van Wyk, or one of our amazing Animal Care Technicians. Using positive reinforcement with treats as rewards, Jackson has proven to be a fast learner. With this special, one-on-one attention, Jackson has come a long way! He now knows how to sit and wait patiently for treats. He is working on laying down and coming to his person on command. He is also learning how to be more polite when greeting new friends. Overall, Jackson is well on his way to being a great, new addition to a loving forever home. He would love to keep learning with his new family, whoever they may be.

As we near November, Jackson is ready to find a comfy place to spend the holidays! Do you think you could be Jackson’s perfect match? If so, check out his adoption profile and fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire here. We’re sure he would love to meet you!

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