6 Reasons SICSA Volunteers Are Awesome!

6 Reasons SICSA Volunteers Are Awesome!

Volunteer Appreciation Week 2016

By: Jennie Baxla, Volunteer Coodinator

SICSA volunteers come to us for one very important reason – they love animals and want to help. This National Volunteer Week, we’d like to recognize the incredible work done by all SICSA volunteers.

Last year, 738 individuals dedicated almost 23,000 hours of their time. We can’t begin to measure what this means to SICSA. All volunteers help SICSA in some way and many volunteer in several areas. It’s inspiring to see just how much our volunteers care about SICSA and the animals, and what they’re able to accomplish because of this passion and commitment.

Spread the Good photoEveryone who volunteers is giving something special to their community and the world, but we think SICSA volunteers are the best! Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. They’re always willing to go above and beyond

We sometimes find ourselves in need of additional volunteer support, whether it’s for an extremely full kennel, special circumstances at the facility, or a big event. When this happens, we often put out a call for help to all of our volunteers. They never, ever fail to show up, again and again, to help SICSA staff and animals.

  1. They love the animals

SICSA volunteers are drawn to SICSA because of animals in need. Many have been animal lovers since they were children, and volunteers of all ages are looking for ways to help the animals they love.

Volunteers have lots of opportunities to work one-on-one with all animals, and are paid for their kindness in puppy kisses and kitten cuddles.

  1. They care about the people, too

Not only are volunteers helping the animals at SICSA, they are often providing important support for staff, other volunteers, participants in youth programs, and adopters who come to SICSA.

  1. They always want to learn more

We recently unveiled a new continuing education program for both dog and cat volunteersJim Loffer called Paws & Tails University. Volunteers have embraced this program, regularly coming to all offered courses, and using this information to help enrich the lives of SICSA’s animals, and ensuring they find homes as quickly as possible!

  1. They reach every area at SICSA

All departments need extra help, and volunteers are ready and willing to get involved in every area SICSA has to offer. Volunteers walk dogs, help clean cat kennels, socialize and foster animals, serve on SICSA’s Board of Directors or on event committees, organize events, join Friends of SICSA, and help with anything else that comes up. Even Santa Claus volunteers at SICSA!

  1. They care about SICSA’s future

Volunteers are interested in where SICSA’s going and are always willing to go along for the ride! We appreciate them helping us fulfill our mission of promoting the welfare and adoption of companion animals, and nurturing loving, lifelong relationships between animals and people.

This National Volunteer Week, we’d like to thank ALL of our volunteers for supporting SICSA in our mission in whatever way they are able. We could not do this without you!

Are you interested in becoming part of SICSA’s dedicated volunteer force? Apply today at

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