4 Ways To Get Fit With Your Fido or Ours

By: Deborah Durbin, Marketing Coordinator

A dog could become your ultimate workout partner!  From walking to running to hiking, here are 4 exciting ways (with links) to get fit with your dog or ours! Don’t have a dog?  No worries, with our program, Paw Partner Active, you take our dogs out for a walk or run!

  1. Get a dog walking app. Not only will you be getting fit, but you will also be earning donations for SICSA!  Download one of these apps and register ‘SICSA’ as your charity. Then every time you walk you will be earning donations for SICSA. Here are our favorites: WoofTrax and ResqWalk.
  2. From Pooch to 5K. This is a 12-week program designed for your dog but because you’ll be running with your dog, you’ll also get a great workout three times a week –as you train yourself to run a 5k. (Then you and your dog will be ready for SICSA’s 5k or 10k, Lift Your Leg Run in June!)
  3. Dog Friendly Hikes in Ohio. Take your dog hiking in Ohio. Here are dog friendly hiking areas from easy one-hour walks to overnight trips.
  4. Join SICSA’s Paw Partner Active. Volunteer Paw Partners take our shelter dogs for a walk or run! Paw Partners help SICSA dogs enjoy some time outside the facility and expend some energy, which helps make them more comfortable and adoptable at SICSA. Also, Paw Partners have the opportunity to promote the dogs they take out and about in the community, helping get them noticed by people they meet and encouraging people to adopt! It’s a win-win.

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