Frequently Asked Questions


How do I surrender a cat to SICSA?

If you would like to surrender a cat or kittens, we ask that you foster the animal in your home until it is adopted. Please call and make an appointment with our Kennel Manager at 294-6505 extension 11. We rarely accept a cat or kitten that will be housed at SICSA due to limited space and cat overpopulation. We have about 200 cats in our adoption program on a daily basis. Read More

Do you offer low-cost veterinary services?
We do not provide veterinary services to the community. We do provide low-cost sterilization for low-middle income families. Read More

Do you offer de-clawing?
No, we do not offer de-clawing.

Do you take pit bulls?
Yes! Since the Ohio laws changed in May 2012, we are very proud to say that we are able to adopt out pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

Can you take a stray dog?
Laws have changed since we first opened in 1974. We are no longer legally allowed to accept stray animals, however we do accept stray and homeless animals from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (and other animal shelters) after their holding period has ended.