Foster Care

Foster Care Providers are volunteers who provide care for homeless puppies, dogs, cats and kittens in their home for a short period of time until the animals are adopted. We can accommodate Foster Care Providers and schedules in a variety of ways. Foster Care Providers can choose a certain breed, period of time, gender, or age.

Watch our video about two newborn puppies' journey from a loving foster home to adoption to learn about the best benefit of fostering: saving lives.

How to Become a Foster Care Provider

All potential Foster Care Providers should first become SICSA Volunteers and attend a general volunteer orientation. Volunteers will then submit a foster application and undergo an interview process to determine their suitability for the program. Once approved, they will attend a formal Foster training to familiarize potential Foster Care Providers with the policies, procedures, expectations, requirements and guidelines for foster care.

Once new Foster Care Providers have completed the appropriate training, they are able to actively volunteer in the program. When SICSA receives word of animals in need of foster care, volunteers will be contacted and offered a foster opportunity.

SICSA Adoption Ambassador Program

The Adoption Ambassador program takes foster care to the next level. The program was made possible through a generous grant from the ASPCA and empowers foster parents to take that next step and find loving and forever homes for their foster animals. 

In the Adoption Ambassador program, foster parents will be involved in the complete process from fostering, to marketing, to adoption. 

The Adoption Ambassador program requires appropriate training that is offered on a limited basis. If interested, please contact the Adoptions Manager at 294-6505, ext. 20.