Adult Volunteer Program

SICSA is always looking for talented and passionate individuals to help support us and the animals in our care. To find out about becoming a volunteer, please first complete our Volunteer Application.

We ask that you then attend an upcoming volunteer orientation. These are held twice a month. The dates of our next available orientations are: Thursday, 5/26 from 6pm-7pm or Thursday, June 9th from 6pm-7pm. Please remember to submit the volunteer application PRIOR to coming to an orientation.

After you have submitted your online application, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Jennie Baxla, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 937-294-6505 ext. 21.  

Volunteer Requirements

We offer year-round opportunities for volunteers 18 years old or older. Children ages 8-12 may volunteer as Parent Youth Partners (PYPers) alongside a parent or guardian (parents should fill out the adult volunteer application above). We ask that youth ages 13-17 submit a Junior Volunteer application via the Junior Volunteer Program page. 

We ask that all volunteers contribute a one-time, $20 payment to cover the cost of a volunteer t-shirt and supply apron. Exceptions can be made for those unable to make this contribution.

SICSA does not have a minimum requirement of hours. We appreciate any time you can provide! However, we greatly depend on volunteers coming in on a regular basis for dog walking or cat kennel cleaning, as well as various other events. We ask that SICSA volunteers sign up for at least one two-hour shift per month via a convenient, online system.

To view our Community Service requirements, please visit our Group & Community Service Opportunity page.

For more information about our volunteer program, and what specific qualifications and training we require, please view our Volunteer Opportunities.


SICSA volunteers who choose to work with dogs and cats receive training and have access to several continuing education and enrichment training courses. All SICSA volunteers receive a t-shirt and apron at cost.


All SICSA volunteers are encouraged to become members. Your annual membership helps support SICSA's mission of promoting the welfare and adoption of companion animals, and nurturing loving, lifelong relationships between animals and people. Membership offers many benefits, including giving you a voice in the direction of SICSA. All members in good standing are eligible to attend and be a part of the voting process at the annual meeting. Visit our Membership page for more information.

Legal Issues

If you have ever been convicted of a felony you must disclose the date and the nature of the crime. Information will be kept confidential. If you have been convicted of any violent crimes against people or animals, theft, weapons or drug charges you will not be accepted into our program. Background checks may be required. You must disclose if you are currently under a Labor & Industry claim, or have been released from any other volunteer position. Persons found withholding this information will be terminated immediately.


SICSA VolunteerNet (for current SICSA Volunteers)

Current SICSA Volunteers may access VolunteerNet by clicking the following link: SICSA VolunteerNet.