How to Adopt a Pet

Find a great match at SICSA or online!

Complete an adoption application in person at SICSA or online:


Adoption Counselors Available 

Take an opportunity to meet with an adoption counselor trained to help make the best match for the adopter and the pet. There is a counselor available at all times during our open hours to assist you. Feel free to stop in anytime during our hours of operation, no appointment is needed. The adoption counselors are here to answer any questions you may have, and to help educate you about our pets. You'll complete the adoption once you and our counselors agree that you've found a great match. Introduce all members of the household (including other dogs) to ensure that your pet is compatible with everyone. Plan on at least 30 minutes minimum to take your new pet home. 

For more information about adopting a pet from SICSA, contact an adoption counselor at 937-294-6505.


Adoption Fees

The adoption fees vary, depending on the breed and level of training of the animals. Fees include spay/neuter, micro-chip identification, preventative medicines, vaccines, collar & leash, and other veterinary treatment as needed. 


Feline Adoptions

Includes veterinary exam, spay/neuter, vaccinations (including rabies), microchip, and take-home carrier.

Kittens 3 months and under
Starting at $100
Cats 4 months and older
Starting at $25
Senior cats 7 years and older
Starting at $25

Canine Adoptions

Includes veterinary exam, spay/neuter, vaccinations (including rabies), microchip, leash, and license.

Puppies 6 months and under

Starting at $216*

Adult Dogs 6 months and older

Starting at $166*

Senior Dogs 7 years and older

Starting at $96*


*Montgomery County dog license is included in the adoption price. (A dog license is required by law in the state of Ohio). SICSA does not sell dog licenses in the month of November.


SICSA's Variable Pricing for Adoptions

To SICSA, each and every animal - regardless of breed, age, size, appearance, temperament, or health - has inherent value. As a nonprofit, no-kill Pet Adoption Center that receives the heartfelt support of a community of animal lovers and advocates, we are deeply moved by any animal who faces obstacles along her or his path to finding a loving Forever Family.

This is why we take responsibility to ensure that even those animals who may require months to find homes of their own have a fair chance at capturing the heart of a family. Regardless of breed, age, size, appearance, temperament, or health, all adoptable dogs and cats receive food, housing, veterinary treatment, vaccines, socialization, grooming, and, of course, love. Some dogs and cats, however, have unique needs that require from SICSA much costlier and more extensive care.

Because animals whose needs are more specialized often require more resources than other more easily adoptable animals, SICSA must strike a balance between an affordable adoption fee, and one that will cover not only the costs associated with the newly-adopted animal's care, but also enhance SICSA's ability to extend its vision - Saving Lives, Sharing Love - to animals who are chronically ill, behaviorally challenged, undernourished, elderly, or likely to be passed over by potential adopters.

SICSA's variable pricing ensures that the adoption fees received by adopters will perpetuate SICSA's vision in a way that effectively and compassionately guides all animals in need toward Forever Homes of their own.