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Back in July, my Mom adopted a little black Labrador/mix puppy -- he was named "Oliver Twist" at the time.  She renamed him "Henry".  Little Henry is doing well.  He's adorable and brightens everybody's day.  He completed "Puppy Kindergarten" training last Summer, and does really well with the command "Sit".  His favorite word is "Treat !" which is always followed by a dog cookie.  He doesn't really play fetch with me in the backyard -- more like he grabs the ball and says "Try to catch me !", so I chase him around for a half-hour.  Watching him run is endlessly entertaining.  He sort of "pounces" with every step and makes a grunting noise.  Too cute.  His brother (now named "Diesel") was also adopted back in July and his owner brought him by SICSA about a month ago and I got to see him.  Henry has made himself at home on Mom's beds and couches, and his days are filled with naps, play, and food !

Paul (volunteer dog walker)

My husband and I adopted Charlie (formerly Bobby) in June, so we've had him for almost three months now. I had owned cats before (of course, everyone knows you don't really "own" a cat!), but my husband

was a little leery about it. It turns out there was nothing to worry about! Charlie had both of us wrapped around his little paw from his very first night in our home. He is the "purrfect" mixture of everything wonderful about kittens; he's playful and active, and he also has his sweet, loving side. Of course, like most kittens do, Charlie also has his ornery side! He loves to find "treasures" (his toys, balled up paper, my wedding ring one time, etc.) and hide them either in his water bowl or inside our shoes! We feel very lucky to have been chosen by Charlie to be his fur-parents. I say he chose us, because when we went to visit SICSA, he walked right up to the front of his kennel and stuck his paw out, as if introducing himself to us. We knew right then that he was who we had been looking for, and we've been the perfect match ever since!  The picture is Charlie showing off his new collar.



Tank has brought so much joy into our lives and I couldn't have asked for a better dog. We adopted him when he was 3 months old and now he's about 10 months old and 95 pounds, he's one big boy!  He's so loyal, the best guard dog, and the best puppy to snuggle with, ever. He hogs the bed at night but he's the type of puppy that you just can not get mad at!  He's nosy, and likes to chew on everything so the amount of bones we have is ridiculous! I'm blessed that we have found our bestfriend, and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Thank you Sicsa, for giving us our Mister Tank!



Mia has adopted me and accepted me without reserve.  After the initial couple of days of finding unusual "hiding" places, (Missing In Action) - she wants to be in my presence most of the time!  I love that!  
Her "coat" is so beautiful and "velvet-ty" and she reminds me of my previous cat MIKKI, that I gave her the full name of: MIA VELVET MIKKI EWELL!  She enjoys being brushed and held.  Sleeps at the foot of the bed at nighttime.  Even enjoys being held when I am in the glider rocker here in the living room.  She uses the litter box.  She is well behaved and with good manners.  Her quiet me-oww is heart-touching.

She is my Thera-puss, my Survival Kit, my Psy-cat-trist, my Cat-tent-ment, my Purr-Fect Cat-panion - and she belongs HERE!  I feel so fortunate that she was posted on your web-site because I chose her from that info. When I came, I stated to the volunteer greeter that I was there to see MIA!!  Well, as you know, the rest is 'her-story'!  

Beverly (happily owned by Mia)