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My parents adopted Nikko a couple of weeks ago and she has fit into our family perfectly...She has made lots of friends (one being a 7 month old Great Dane named Monty)...she is even becoming quite known with her crazy personality in the neighborhood...We love our little Nikko...We hope that she will enjoy her life with us...







Tank has brought so much joy into our lives and I couldn't have asked for a better dog. We adopted him when he was 3 months old and now he's about 10 months old and 95 pounds, he's one big boy!  He's so loyal, the best guard dog, and the best puppy to snuggle with, ever. He hogs the bed at night but he's the type of puppy that you just can not get mad at!  He's nosy, and likes to chew on everything so the amount of bones we have is ridiculous! I'm blessed that we have found our bestfriend, and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Thank you Sicsa, for giving us our Mister Tank!







I adopted Sadie and Boots a month ago. I was worried about how to introduce two new cats to each other and to a new home, so I was ecstatic when I found the sibling pair who were still together. Now they would have each other to lean on as they became used to their new environment and to me.  They spent much of the first two weeks living under my bed, coming out to explore at night, as cats will do. But now they truly realize they are home and I feel like we're a new family. They have moved from under the bed to anywhere they want in the rest of the house. At night, they both shun their own beds to join me in mine. Sadie (now Seren) is a true lap cat who loves to be brushed, while Boots (now Ghetti) is content to just be in the same room that I'm in where ever that may be.  He is also a good big brother, always teasing his sister, and grooming her and she just adores him.  They both came to me very well adjusted - extremely gentle temperaments, no scratching problems and no litter box mishaps. I adopted these two cats to fill a void in my heart after losing my cat of 14 years (16 years in the family). I still miss my friend, but this pair was just what I needed!




Mia has adopted me and accepted me without reserve.  After the initial couple of days of finding unusual "hiding" places, (Missing In Action) - she wants to be in my presence most of the time!  I love that!  
Her "coat" is so beautiful and "velvet-ty" and she reminds me of my previous cat MIKKI, that I gave her the full name of: MIA VELVET MIKKI EWELL!  She enjoys being brushed and held.  Sleeps at the foot of the bed at nighttime.  Even enjoys being held when I am in the glider rocker here in the living room.  She uses the litter box.  She is well behaved and with good manners.  Her quiet me-oww is heart-touching.

She is my Thera-puss, my Survival Kit, my Psy-cat-trist, my Cat-tent-ment, my Purr-Fect Cat-panion - and she belongs HERE!  I feel so fortunate that she was posted on your web-site because I chose her from that info. When I came, I stated to the volunteer greeter that I was there to see MIA!!  Well, as you know, the rest is 'her-story'!  

Beverly (happily owned by Mia)

My husband and I adopted Charlie (formerly Bobby) in June, so we've had him for almost three months now. I had owned cats before (of course, everyone knows you don't really "own" a cat!), but my husband

was a little leery about it. It turns out there was nothing to worry about! Charlie had both of us wrapped around his little paw from his very first night in our home. He is the "purrfect" mixture of everything wonderful about kittens; he's playful and active, and he also has his sweet, loving side. Of course, like most kittens do, Charlie also has his ornery side! He loves to find "treasures" (his toys, balled up paper, my wedding ring one time, etc.) and hide them either in his water bowl or inside our shoes! We feel very lucky to have been chosen by Charlie to be his fur-parents. I say he chose us, because when we went to visit SICSA, he walked right up to the front of his kennel and stuck his paw out, as if introducing himself to us. We knew right then that he was who we had been looking for, and we've been the perfect match ever since!  The picture is Charlie showing off his new collar.



Zeus has been a part of our family since September 2010. We were so lucky to have found him at Sicsa that Saturday afternoon, he was the last of his brothers and sisters. Ever since we brought him home we have been so blessed. He is such a smart, happy puppy! He loves going on walks and playing in the snow! He picked up several tricks very quickly. Everytime we come back he is just as excited to see us as the last time. We just recently celebrated his FIRST birthday and he had a blast!! We had all his friends over for homemade puppy cake! We love him so much and are so thankful for sicsa!

Thanks again! We love you! Ashley & Daniel & Zeus




We wanted to share our story of how well Flip has been doing since he came home with us. He has only been part of our family for a week now but he has already taken to the house and family like he has been here for years. When we got to the shelter to look at him they said he had been there for 6 months and that he had been looked over many times cause he has a big bark. After getting him home we see what all those families missed out on. He is one of the sweetest funniest most loyal dogs i have ever had. Wee took him to the dog park for the first time and he had so much fun running around playing with all the little kids and dogs. He went to Pets Mart and picked out his own bed and his first toy which he takes every where with him even sharing it with other dogs at the park. He splits his time between me and my boyfriend making sure we are both happy and know he loves us. He has already proven his love and devotion to us when we were taking him for a walk when i stray Shepard/Husky mix went after us. Flip made sure the dog kept its distance till a SUV was able to scare the stray away and we could get away. Flip is not just a great friendly dog but he is one brave little pup who loves us. I would liek to thank SIcsa for all the work they have put into keeping him safe and healthy till we were able to take him home. I have told all our friends to go to Sicsa for their future pets.

Thanks for a great loving friend in Flip
Cole and Dana



Hi everyone.  We came here the 1st time back in 1985 on a tour of duty with USAF.  Cheryl became an active volunteer with SICSA during our stay & it was inevitable; she “volunteered” us to foster a lab/shepherd puppy about 2 months old over the Thanksgiving holiday of 1992.  It would have happened sooner, but we had a full complement of pets already.  Needless to say, we became what is coined as a “foster failure” on our 1st fostering experience as Brodie stayed with us as part of our family instead of going up for adoption!   Brodie was an amazing & loving member of the family.  Not without his trials & tribulations; some very humorous (at least now!).  He lived to be over 18 years of age as of Jan 2011 which is a great testament for a large breed dog.  Brodie saw several other family pets pass away over his 18 years and definitely was ALPHA in the family pack.  Ask Cheryl sometime about his early tactics for making that point clear to her!  We miss him dearly, but know he’s much better off now.  We want to thank SICSA for providing us the opportunity for these 18 yrs of joy and encourage others to adopt; don’t shop for their next family pet.  We are in process of fostering a litter of 11 puppies and their mom and will be keeping another SICSA baby to become part of our pack.  Again, we are “foster failures”, but only 1 out of 12 this time.  Thanks SICSA!

Mike & Cheryl




I adopted Olive in August, since then she has been my very best friend.  Olive was the runt of her litter, and is still a little but very healthy girl.  She loves to snuggle under the covers, perch on my shoulder, and play with her toys.  Olive is playful and silly, but is also a lap cat who sleeps with me every night and enjoys being spoiled with soft food and tuna treats.  She loves meeting new people, is very talkative, and loves chirping at birds she sees out the window.  She has a very unique personality and I couldn't be happier that we found each other.  I'm so glad I came to SICSA and that your adoption counselors helped me to find the perfect friend. Thank you so much!




I adopted Sadie Lou (formerly known as Sadie while at SICSA) in November. I knew she was the one for me. When she came home with me, she still had her stitches from being spayed. She was completely potty trained from the time I brought her home. Sadie Lou was very shy and timid around strangers but now, doesn’t know what a stranger is. She has developed into a very well mannered 88 pound lap dog. She is a true lab that loves the water, chasing birds and keeping an eye on the neighbor’s homes. Neighbors often refer to her as the community dog. Her favorite toys include sticks, golf balls and plastic soda bottles, none of which she eats. Sadie Lou has brought so much love, laughter and silliness into our home. I can’t imagine how it would be without her! I will definitely be back to SICSA! The picture attached shows who owns the couch. Keep in mind she is not supposed to be on furniture and she knows this. As soon as she heard the camera, she jumped off the couch. Thank you!




I bought my first house in Kettering in 1998. I remember when I signed the papers I knew what the first thing I wanted to add.  A dog…a specific type of dog. A Black Lab. I looked for several weeks and one day before Thanksgiving 1998, I came across SICSA during a pet weekend. And the very last cage I came too was a Black Lab named “Chef”. I knew “Chef” was the dog for me so I went to lunch and thought about it as I knew it was a big commitment. I was just turning 30 and I lived alone so I  was looking forward to a K-9 companion.  I will not say it was easy the first 2-3 months because when my new friend, renamed “SHADE”, moved in it was quite an adjustment for both of us. He chewed on everything and I scolded him on everything. He never did what I expected and I was the same way with him.But we adjusted when I finally gave in and let him be him and vice-versa. He was the best thing that ever happened to me at the time. He was there when I proposed to my girlfriend. He was there when my 2 kids were born and brought home. He has been there through good times and bad. He is my best male friend and I would do anything to keep him safe and sound. It has been 12 years and I love him more each day and he does me.Thanks to SICSA, Shade will round out his remaining years in a household that loves him just as much as he loves us. He helps make our home a home. I owe SICSA my upmost gratitude for helping my dog find me when I needed him most. He has taught me about Loyalty and Love and that pets are a gift and not a gained right.Thank you Shade’O:       I love you buddy..and I always will.



ClayClay (now known in his adoptive home as Skeeter) was one of the "Earth Dogs" that were pulled from a hoarding situation in southeastern Ohio. Clay was adopted from SICSA in July and here is an update from one of his adoptive parents.

"Clay is doing quite well. We have seen very slow but steady progress with him over the past two months. He no longer goes into his crate at all. He spends the time when we are home hanging out with us in the living room or on the deck, and he sleeps in bed with us at night. We really didn’t care for the name Clay so we have changed it to Skeeter. I am not sure why but the name seems to suit him and he responds to it.  At night he is very playful and wants to be out in the yard a lot. He really seems to be enjoying himself more each day. He and Max are getting along just fine.  The more we get to know him the more we love him, he is just such a sweet little dog. I can’t believe no one adopted him sooner."




We adopted Rocky just after Thanksgiving.  Thank you for helping us find the perfect pet for our family.  Rocky is a happy, playful and well behaved dog.  He loves to play fetch with the boys and cuddle on the couch while chewing on his bone.  We are so glad that he is a part of our family now!

Thanks for all you do!

Glen and Cathy



Fifteen years ago, I received a call from a friend who volunteered at SISCA telling me about this cute little dog that I would just love. My coworkers and I took our lunch break and went to see "Furby". He was the only little dog in the middle of a whole pack of big dogs and he just kept asking me to save him from all the noise. Furby, a Pug/chichuha  looked just like a Furby doll. This was

the name given him by SISCA and we just couldn't change it. 


We found out he was one of the first of the Thomas Project dogs who had been adopted and returned 3 times to SISCA. True he had a lot of issues but when he came home with us we were very determined he was forever a member of our family. It took a lot of work but after about a year he was a whole lot better.  Here it is 15 years later and Furby now a healthy and happy 18 year old is still going strong.  He has been the love of our families life (dog love) and I don't know how the last years would have been tolerable without him.  Furby has seen us through many of lifes ups and downs but he has been forever faithful and loving. We have gone on several vacations...he loves the ocean, and spent many hours exploring the parks and paths around our town.


I can only hope that others who chose to adopt have as much luck as we have had with Furby. He now has two sisters (both rescues) who make up a very active and fun family.


Jessie and Amy



Scribbles appeared on the SICSA website home page for quite a while.  She had been there for about two years and was five years old when we fell in love with her and adopted her just over a year ago.  She lives to be loved, give love, eat, and sleep.  In our home, that’s just fine with us.  I am home a lot and spend a good bit of time in bed which she loves sharing with me.  She is a source of endless love, attention, and affection.  She’ll climb right on up wherever she likes and makes herself at home.  She is our child and she just loves to be spoiled rotten (and fortunately for her, we love doing it).  She spends about half the day by herself sleeping in the sun and the rest cuddled next to whoever will just give her some love or a little room to snuggle. 

In the recent “Stray Thoughts” newsletter, it talks about how older cats are often overlooked.  They can be great friends, wonderful additions to any home, and can give more love than anyone can ever expect.  She’s been nothing but a blessing in our home that had a big missing hole in it from our previous cat that had passed away and she filled that cat’s 23 pound space incredibly well, even though she only weighs 13 pounds.  She just knows how to fill our lives with love and smiles.  Don’t pass by the older cats right away.  Take a look and see.  You might just find your next best friend with a cat who’s been “around the block” a while and still can provide pleasant and joyful surprises every day!  Thanks SICSA for everything you do (and for Scribbles)!

Jim and Lori




We spent several months looking for a puppy to adopt until one day we saw this yellow puppy in the big dog room quietly chewing on her SICSA bandana while the other dogs were barking to get our attention. Her name was Dixie at SICSA but now we call her Maggie. She only weighed 40 pounds when we first saw her at SICSA and my wife said "Look at those paws - she is going to be a BIG dog". Well, we adopted that puppy and a year later her weight leveled off at 100 pounds - I'll never doubt my wife again!  Maggie was a shelter dog from the time she was born but she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She had classes at SICSA and knew how to sit, stay and walk on a leash when we brought her home. Maggie is very sweet, intelligent and loves to play, just look at that cute face!

We are very glad we went to SICSA and adopted our most recent family member. Thanks SICSA!!




We adopted Jack (formerly Leo) just after Thanksgiving. He has many nicknames; Jack Attack – when he plays hide-and-seek and jumps out at us as we walk by, or is pouncing on his favorite toys, Cat Dog – he loves to play fetch, is ALWAYS waiting right by the door when we come home, and comes running from anywhere when we call him  – just to name a couple. Here he is ‘helping’ my son with his homework. He is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever met! He has brought so much joy and laughter into our home… I can’t imagine life without him! Thank you SICSA… we’re coming back soon for a pet for Jack!



I adopted Meredith about 1.5 to 2 yrs ago from you guys…I was warned that she had attitude, as the staff kept asking me, "are you sure you want to adopt this one?" She had a little rep among the staff for "slicin' (claws) and dicin' (teeth)" the peasants (caretakers) there to serve her. The young lady had to put on gloves to put her in the carrier, so I could take her home. I was told she did not do well with other cats.

Well…the "evil Merry Mayhem" has turned into the most awesome sweet pea! I have 3 cats…all rescues, including Merry. At first she was appalled! A true DIVA and heir to the throne…such as herself, should be cast among such 'rabble' as we…but true to her inborn nobility, she rose above and has become my angel lap cat. My other two angels like to be near me, though only Merry claims the lap as her own and uses it routinely.

Merry joins me every morning nesting comfortably on my lap as I drink my coffee and get peaceful before work by watching my fresh water live planted 'sorority tank' of betta splendens females (siamese fighting fish). She cracks me up! She waits 'til I sit down and then stares at me, with that look …you know…the one that says, " WE (the royal we) are NOT amused …darest thou make us wait!" You see…merry is royalty…a legend in her own mind, so to speak. She just needed someone who understood and was a willing slave with great respect for her majesty, the diva. ;)

She is a most beautiful, long haired mackerel tabby (black and cream), with slightly almond shaped pale green-yellow eyes, ringed with black eyeliner. She has the most beautiful coat and the fullest fluffiest tail! ...sorry, the pic doesn't show that gorgeous tail too well. I think, she may have some Persian in her as she has a flatter face is built kind of low to the ground and tank solid…not fat, solid and fluffy. She tolerates the rabble peasant cats and on occasion I have seen and heard some catty arguments…though no swords were drawn and all co-exist with tolerance on the 'peasants' side and royal 'forbearance' on the diva side. I just wanted you guys to know…she is a most awesome cat and I love her dearly and worship her as due her station. Thanx… muchly!

Deborah J



My Fiance (Tom) and I adopted Chance (formally known as Joseph) from SICSA back in February of 2008. Chance was one of the puppies from the Catahoula breed that was surrendered from his owner. Chance is from the same litter as Calvin, Freckles, and Sophie (who was deaf, but a very sweet dog). Although the rest of the litter was sent to a rescue shelter that specifies with the Catahoula breed, we were able to adopt Chance before the litter was sent away. Hearing stories about the other litter mates about how some were returned due to either their activity level, behavioral issues, or even that the owner did not have time for them, I must have been one of the fortunate ones.



At eight months old, Chance turned out to be a wonderful dog. Although a little hyper, he keeps us going and that is what we were looking for. He is extremely affectionate, gets along great with other animals and loves people, once he gets to know you. He is protective of females and of my other dog, but not to where he attacks. I have actually never had a problem with Chance being aggressive towards people. He was a part of the puppy training class that was held by SICSA (which I highly recommend) and learned a lot from the class and from the other dogs. He is a fantastic dog and I would not trade him for any other. The catahoula breed is quick to learn which Chance did follow.




Last autumn my daughter and I visited SICSA looking for a possible addition to our family. While crouched down to see a cat in the corner of the kitty playroom, I was taken by surprise when an adorable British Tortoiseshell kitty hopped into my lap and started rubbing all over me! She was purring so loudly, I immediately fell in love. I told my daughter we were going to see if we could take her home. The next day, we returned with Dad and Azula (our biggest fuzzy child, a 4 year old Siberian husky) to see if the affection was true. Everyone seemed to get along, so we adopted Trixie. She started out alone in my daughter’s room, but within two days was investigating the rest of the house and meeting her other new brothers and sisters (2 male cats, 2 little dogs). Everyone got along so well! The cats play together and Trixie gets into all kinds of mischief (hence, the Trouble suffix) on her own. A quick note that Trixie LOVES little toy mice… so much so that she opens the closet door, climbs up the shelves and gets one out of the pack! Then she proceeds to bat it under the refrigerator and then sit there until someone gets it out with a ruler!

But the most outstanding result was the bond forged between Azula and Trixie. I assume it is because Azula came with us when we first brought home Trixie, so she thought the cat was for her. Anyway, they are quite tight buddies, sleeping together at the end of my bed most nights.

I am very blessed to have such a full, loving house! And as I type this, Trixie is sitting in my lap “helping” me by rubbing on my hands…



We adopted Chewey, a Lhasa Apso, a couple years ago from SICSA. My wife had never owned a dog before, and had always been a "cat person." We came to SICSA just to look at a few dogs, but weren't sure we would bring a dog into our home. My wife was sure we only wanted a female. When we came in, we looked at all the dogs you had at the time, and they were all barking and going crazy. Except for one. That was Chewey, he was sitting quietly in his crate.

After meeting him and playing with him for a couple hours, we knew we couldn't go home without him. It has been 3 years since we adopted him. We both love him like crazy. Our 3 cats would disagree with that, however. When we first brought him home, he didn't bark, and he didn't play. We have a very large fenced yard, and he would not go out without one of us being with him. We even took him for walks around the block, and usually ended up having to carry him home.

Since then he has developed a "personality" all his own. He plays when he wants to and he plays seriously. He now loves to go on walks and we can't seem to take him on as many as he wants. He loves to ride in the car.

We want to thank SICSA for alllowing us to bring Chewey into our home.

Thank you very much,

Greg and Carrie



My husband and I just adopted Wisteria in January. She is such a dainty little girl! I call her Teary for short. I had just lost my sweet cat, Lollypop, of 12 years on New Year's Day and was so sad. Wisteria has been the most wonderful friend to cheer us up! She is a complete delight. She is very talkative and I feel as though I know exactly what she is saying. She is very affectionate and playful. We are both so glad she came into our lives. She has settled right in to her new home within the first week we've had her. She loves to play with all her new toys and loves watching the squirrels play each day outside in our backyard as we put birdseed out for them. She is so unusually colored. My daughter says that they sprayed her with tortoise coloring, but she had her sweater on that day!

I want to thank SICSA, for keeping her so happy and healthy until I could come and find her and bring her home. SICSA volunteers are wonderful people whose selfless work and kindness make the lives of pets and their adoptive parents happy and make the world a better place. Thank you!

Norma and David



I adopted Bubba, an 8 year old beagle in September. Having a 10 year old dog Suzie and Rhett, a special needs dog from SICSA, I was ready to open my heart and home to another dog. Bubba is a hoot! He has been quite a challenge to keep contained in the yard. I know why this boy was a stray! I am happy to say his escapes are dwindling thanks to reinforcements in my fence AND an invisible fence but he is well worth the effort. I think sometimes he needs a job, like maybe a taxi driver or maybe brain surgeon :) I have made quite a few new friends through Bubba recently.

Even with all the extra work, Bubba is a gem and we are thankful he is part of our family.



Hello, my name is Trisha. My fiancee Kyle and I adopted a cat named Boba Fett from you about two months ago. I just wanted to update you I was told you guys like this. So his new name is Sig, he is getting very big. He is still very rambuncious and talks alot. He has a stuff ducked that he loves very much. He gets along very well with other animals and babies, I have taken him to my mom's house which has both, and he does great. He is so energetic and loving I couldn't have asked for a better cat for us.



Attached are a few pictures of a couple happy kitties. They have adjusted well and are a true joy to me. My husband passed away in December and my kids are grown and live in other cities. That's why I call Charlie (black) and Stanley (black & white) my boys. They are very entertaining and are inseparable. If one does something the other has to join in.